Love at First Sight with the Wrong Date?

In what might be the most hilarious mix-up of the year, two Portland residents accidentally went on a first date with the wrong person, and as fate would have it, they actually hit it off!

Sarah Thompson, a 28-year-old graphic designer, had set up a date with a man named Mike whom she met on a popular dating app. The same evening, Tim Baxter, a 27-year-old software engineer, had also arranged to meet a woman named Sarah from the same app. A typical love story, right? Well, not quite.

It seems the stars aligned to make this a night to remember. Both pairs decided to meet at the same café, “Bean Me Up,” at 7 pm. To make matters even more interesting, they both sat at adjacent tables.

Sarah Thompson, awaiting her date, noticed Tim first. “He looked just like the Mike from the photos, so I approached him,” she recalls. Meanwhile, the real Mike was caught in traffic, and the real Sarah Baxter had decided to make a quick stop at a nearby store.

Tim, being slightly oblivious and thinking that he might’ve forgotten what his date looked like, went along with it, “She looked vaguely familiar. I mean, it’s a dating app. Photos can be a bit misleading.”

Over coffee and pastries, the mistaken couple found they shared more than just first-date jitters. They had common interests in travel, a shared love for 90s sitcoms, and an uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences.

Around 8:30 pm, as the two were considering dinner plans, the real Mike and Sarah entered the café, looking flustered and confused. After a few minutes of puzzled glances and awkward laughter, the mix-up became clear.

“It was mortifying, but hilarious at the same time,” said Mike, the real date for Sarah Thompson.

Sarah Baxter, on the other hand, couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, “It’s like a scene from a rom-com. You can’t make this stuff up!”

In a twist that seems to be straight out of a Hollywood movie, both pairs hit it off! Sarah Thompson and Tim are planning a second (or should we say, first?) date, and Mike and Sarah Baxter exchanged numbers too.

As they say, love works in mysterious ways, and sometimes those ways are downright hysterical!

Photo credit: Envato Elements